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The Illinois Soccer Coaches Association (hereinafter referred to as "ISCA") operates as a non-profit Illinois Corporation created to provide various platforms for communication, education, and dialogue within the Illinois Soccer Coaching Community for the betterment of soccer.

"Applicant" or "Adult Applicant"- Any individual over the age of 18 seeking affiliation with ISCA or ISCA affiliated leagues as a coach, assistant coach, team trainer, team manager, League President, League Delegate, League official, League representative, ISCA administrator, ISCA Board of Directors member, contract labor employee, or any other position that has or will have direct or indirect contact or influence on a youth player.

"Youth Player" or "Player" - Any ISCA player registered for the current season with an affiliated ISCA league.


Every Adult Applicant shall be required to apply for Membership in ISCA using the online application system. As part of the application process, the applicant shall submit the requested personal information and affirmatively authorize the ISCA to submit said personal information to an appropriate background check service. Additionally, a similar background check shall be performed at every annual renewal period. Each Applicant shall be subject to and responsible for any processing fee. The Board of Directors shall appoint a Risk Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as "RMC") consisting of not more than 4 individuals. ISCA reserves the right to appoint new members or discontinue the membership of anyone on the RMC with or without notice and for any reason it deems appropriate.


Upon receiving an application for admission to the ISCA, a standard background check shall be ordered and reviewed. All background checks that reveal any prior criminal activity shall be forwarded to the RMC. Upon further review, the RMC will render a decision recommending or denying admission to the ISCA. The RMC also has authority to obtain more information on questionable or serious offenses and/or convictions based on the findings disclosed by any criminal history background check(s).

Upon reviewing the results of any background checks conducted, the criminal activities listed below, in whole or in part, may cause the Risk Management Applicant to be immediately disqualified from participation with the ISCA, all ISCA related activities and events, and all ISCA affiliated league activities and events. The RMC and the ISCA reserve the right to contact the applicant regarding his or her criminal history in an attempt to gather more information.

All felonies
All crimes, whether felony or misdemeanor, involving minors, violence, weapons, drugs, alcohol, anabolic steroids, or of a sexual nature

The ISCA and the RMC have the right at any time to add additional offenses and/or convictions to the list as outlined above.

The RMC analyzes criminal activities produced from criminal history background check(s) with an incident date between the application date and ten (10) years previous from the application date. The RMC also reserves the right to request information about and review and analyze incidents that date back further than ten (10) years, or to review a background check of a broader scope, if deemed necessary. The RMC also reserves the right to perform criminal history background check(s) of greater scope on any ISCA Member at any time during the term of membership.


Written notification shall be sent by the RMC to every Adult Applicant who has been disqualified, and to his or her local organization, along with instructions on how to appeal the decision. The disqualified individual has ten (10) business days from the date of the notice of disqualification to submit a written appeal to the ISCA Board of Directors. If written notification of the appeal from the disqualified Adult Applicant is not received by the ISCA Office within ten (10) days then the disqualification will be final and the Adult Applicant will lose all rights to appeal the decision and forfeit his or her eligibility to participate with the ISCA and its affiliates. The Applicant may re-apply after 1 year.


Any Adult Applicant who has been denied participation in the ISCA has the right to appeal the initial decision. To file an appeal, an individual must complete the written Notice of Appeal that is available on-line and submit it along with all supporting documentation to the ISCA Board of Directors at the following address:

545 Consumers Ave., Palatine, IL 60074
ATTN: Membership Appeals.

If the written Notice of Appeal is not received by the ISCA Office within ten (10) business days from the date of the denial letter, the Applicant forfeits his or her eligibility for an appeal. The Applicant may re-apply for membership in 1 year.

The appeal will be heard at the next scheduled Board of Directors Meeting at the ISCA Office, or at a special meeting called by the Board prior to the next scheduled meeting. All Board Members present at the meeting may vote with the exception of the any Board member that also serves on the RMC. A majority of the votes shall be required to for the Applicant to be awarded membership. The letter informing the Applicant of the Board's decision will be sent no later than 10 days from the date of the meeting. The decision made by the ISCA Board of Directors is final and will take effect immediately following the notification to the Applicant.

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